About Stardust

Stardust Diffusion is a spontaneous collective society. We operate as an independent record label and Canadian music distributor on a miniature scale.

We are a small group of people that have been taking part into making our musician friends’ projects become a reality. It all begun in Quebec City in 2003, and it is taking off again since 2019. We are driven by the passion in helping amazing musicians share their own and bring their talent to the world.

Throughout the years, we have been called on acting as: recording producers, live show promoters, indie bootleggers, bookers, album designers, TV producers, manufacturers, music agents, and now indie label and distributors. Always at the precise moment someone is needed to get the job done! And always for local canadian indie musicians (and some from Texas, at some point, too) — which of course includes some of us.

With our recent revival as Stardust Diffusion, we are quite proud to bring you this brand new website that will help bring our wonderfully talented friends’ work out there to the whole world! Because this is what has been motivating us from the beginning. Many thanks from all of us for your support.

Bigue Nique, April 25th, 2020

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