Stephen Doiron – Road Home (CD)


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Stephen Doiron


I am what I am

I left my home many times and ways and I roamed the earth in silent pain.
I left the sea for the prairie grass and walked alone, free at last.
Never had a future, didn’t want my past. I was free at last, free at last.

I walked through the mountains in the rain and snow.
And the cold, moist air blew life in my soul.
And it made me whole, it made me whole.

I asked the sun and the stars and wind, who am I in the scheme of things.
Many years later, the answer it brings, the answer it brings.

I am a thought in the back of my mind, I am the shadow that tags behind.
I am a flower in the garden of yore, I am a child of God for sure.
I am a boy trapped inside a man, I am a grain in a sea of sand.
I am the earth on which I stand.
I am what I taste, I am what I see, I am what I feel, I am what is real.
I am alive, I am alive. And whatever else I am, it’s just until I die.
And then I am just whatever I was.

Track list

1. The Boxer (Paul Simon) 2:59
2. Father and Son (Cat Stevens) 3:52
3. If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot) 3:58
4. The Wind (Cat Stevens) 2:02
5. Second Effort (Stan Rogers) 2:47
6. Never Going Back Again (Fleetwood Mac) 2:17
7. Down the Road (Mary McCaslin) 3:28
8. New York’s Not My Home (Jim Croce) 3:02
9. Whispers of the North (Gordon Lightfoot) 3:13
10. Classical Gas (Mason Williams) 2:45
11. Signe (Eric Clapton) 3:20
12. Prelude from the Bridal Suite (Eric Tingstad) 2:35
13. 45 Years (Stan Rogers) 2:51
14. The Handing Down (Edward Gerhard) 4:00
15. Look Out Hill (Stan Rogers) 1:51
16. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (J.S. Bach) 2:27
17. Tribute to Newfoundland (Little John Cameron) 1:26


Stephen Doiron: Classical & Accoustic Guitar, Vocals, Flute
Guillaume Birster: Keyboards on Down the Road
and Electric Guitar on New York’s Not My Home
Recorded in May 2003 at Studio Orphée, Québec City
Mixed by
Guillaume Birster
Produced by Stephen Doiron & Monique Carignan
Original works used under license via SODRAC/CMRRA
Graphical design by
Bigue Nique

Thanks to Mo & Nic. Without them, none of this could be possible.

For Joshua, Olivia & Jessica
My wonderful children

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